Urgent Need for Funds to File Supreme Court Brief

Marriage Supporter — You may remember that I told you last Friday that NOM is preparing to file a critically important brief with the US Supreme Court to challenge President Obama's authority to impose his dangerous gender ideology policies that allow biological males into intimate facilities reserved for females, such as showers and bathrooms. President Obama wants his badly misguided policies to be adopted by every public school in America, risking the privacy and safety of our children and grandchildren.

NOM's brief has been completed and is at the printer's office being readied for submission to the Court. But I am extremely concerned because we lack the funds to pay for the expenses associated with preparing and filing the brief.

Make an Immediate Impact by Donating Today!

Please make an immediate emergency financial contribution of $25, $35, $50, $100, $250 or even $500 or more to help us cover the cost of this critically important undertaking.

Our brief focuses on convincing the Supreme Court to take the case of G.G. v. Gloucester County School Board. Much of our argument is a purely legal one about the need for the Court to clarify, or reverse, a prior holding that liberal judges are wrongly using to give great deference to anything President Obama's administration wants to do in his quest to remake America. But a critical element of the brief brings to the attention of the Supreme Court more than two dozen examples of cases where men, many claiming to be transgender, have violated the privacy of women in bathrooms, showers and other intimate areas. Some of these women have been assaulted, others humiliated when they were recorded by men using cell phones or other recording equipment.

We believe there is a good chance that the US Supreme Court will accept this case, and then we can use it to put an end to President Obama's attempts to redefine gender in the same way he redefined marriage. But first we need to cover the budget shortfall created by this case.

We are thousands of dollars in the hole as a result of this fight and I am counting on you to help us cover the expense. Please make an immediate contribution of whatever you can afford — $25, $35, $50, $100, or even $250. Some people will make a sacrifice to give $10, and we appreciate their sacrifice greatly. Other supporters have been blessed with resources and perhaps can consider a larger gift of $500, $1,500 or even $2,500.

Help Us Fight Back Against Obama

Whatever amount is right for you, please act today so that we can cover the budget shortfall created by the opportunity to use this case to stop President Obama's insane, dangerous gender agenda.

Thank you for whatever support you can provide. We'll post the brief to the NOM blog just as soon as it is available, and update you accordingly.


Brian S Brown

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Groundbreaking Study Destroys 'Born That Way' Myth

Dear Marriage Supporter,

As you may recall, I told you recently about a groundbreaking study released a few weeks ago by the independent journal The New Atlantis that completely undercuts the foundation of the LGBT agenda, which has sought to convince people that gays and lesbians are "born that way." The report also explodes the gender ideology movement, showing the falsehood of claims that people can be "trapped in the wrong body" or that gender is somehow different from biological sex and can be changed based on someone's feelings and "identity."

LGBT extremists are in panic mode because they fully realize that if the truth of human sexuality comes to be known and understood by the American people, their political movement will be damaged. They will have a much harder time pushing their ideology on children in the public schools, and it will be much more difficult to convince judges to impose their agenda on the American people.

The LGBT lobby and their allies in the media are hoping that this critical new report will just be ignored, but we are determined to work to publicize it so that the American people can assess the situation for themselves.

We've put together a short video highlighting and summarizing some of the key findings of the report, and I hope you'll take two minutes to watch it now:

If you agree with us that this report needs to be widely disseminated, please share the video with all your friends on social media, and email it to your contacts.

The New Atlantis report was prepared by two of the nation's foremost medical and psychiatric experts and is based on a comprehensive review of hundreds of pieces of scientific literature, including nearly 200 peer-reviewed studies. It finds that there is no scientific basis for the notion that gays and lesbians are ‘born that way' with a fixed, immutable sexual orientation. In fact, the report notes that as many as 80% of male adolescents who claim a gay sexual orientation will change their preference by the time they are into adulthood! Likewise, the report shows that the vast majority of "transgender" children who feel an attachment to the opposite gender grow out of it by the time they become adults.

View the Video Here

The entire LGBT political movement has been built on a false foundation, that those choosing their lifestyle actually have no choice. Yet science is not on their side. There is no evidence that people are born gay or lesbian.

The "born that way" myth has played a huge role in the advance of the LGBT political movement. It's at the root of public empathy for those advocating the redefinition of marriage.

While we have a long fight ahead of us to reverse the Supreme Court's decision on marriage, we still have time to stop the movement to redefine gender, a movement that will have catastrophic consequences for our whole society, but especially for children and adolescents.

The best way to combat a political agenda is to present impartial facts, and that's what is done in The New Atlantis report. The authors are not political people, they are medical experts. Their only concern is for the health of the public, especially vulnerable children. That is our concern as well.

While the media has tried to bury this important study, there has been some decent reporting of it. Below, you'll find some links to stories you can read and share with your family, friends and contacts.

Thank you for your continued support of marriage and for your concern for children. Please share our new video with everyone you can.


Brian S Brown


Media Coverage of The New Atlantis report on Sexuality and Gender:





Our legal brief opposing President Obama

Dear Marriage Supporter,

As you know from my email from earlier in the week, NOM is working on a critical legal brief to challenge President Obama's authority to decree that men can be women, and women can be men, by claiming a "gender identity" that is opposite to their actual biological sex. Obama is attempting to impose this dangerous ideology on children in our public schools and we are determined to stop him.

I just spoke with Dr. John Eastman, NOM's chairman and one of the nation's top constitutional lawyers, about the brief. He tells me that it will be a powerful refutation of this insane gender policy that President Obama seeks to impose on our schools and throughout society.

But in order to complete and file this brief, we need to raise $12,000 in the next week. Will you help us with an immediate contribution of $25, $35, $50, $100, $250 or even $500 or more?

Make an Immediate Impact Today!

Led by Dr. Eastman, we have a team of lawyers and researchers working hard on this critical legal brief. We're urging the US Supreme Court to take up the case of G.G. v. Gloucester County School Board so that we can put an end to President Obama's dangerous policy that risks the privacy and safety of children in school.

"G.G." is a female student who claims a male "gender identity." When she began to use the restrooms reserved for males, irate parents flooded the school board with complaints. In response, the school reiterated its policy that students must use restrooms based on their actual sex, but attempted to accommodate her by constructing a single-stall restroom that she could use, along with other students who sought privacy. However, this was not acceptable to "G.G." who was working with the ACLU and claimed she was "stigmatized" every time she went to the restroom. She sued the school board in federal court, claiming their restroom policy violated Title IX's prohibition on sex discrimination, but lost when the federal judge appropriately ruled that Title IX does not recognize "gender identity" as a substitute for biologic sex. Unfortunately, the 4th District Court of Appeals overturned the judge's ruling, citing President Obama's "guidance letter" to schools asserting that "sex" under federal law includes "gender identity."

The US Supreme Court then unexpectedly stepped into the fray, issuing an emergency order on a 5-3 vote to put the appeals court ruling on hold, a big win for the school district that wants to protect the privacy and safety of students in school. Now the school district is asking the Supreme Court to take their case so it can definitively rule that federal law does not require schools to open the most intimate areas of campus — restrooms, locker rooms and showers — to students of the opposite sex.

NOM's legal brief will urge the US Supreme Court to take this case so that it can rule against President Obama and put an end to his attempt to redefine gender.

But in order to complete our brief and file it with the US Supreme Court, we need to raise $12,000 in the next week. Can you help us with an emergency financial contribution?

I'll help with a contribution of $25

I'll help with a contribution of $50

I'll help with a contribution of $100

I'll help with a contribution of $250

I'll help with a contribution of $500

I'll help with a contribution of $1,000

I'll help with a contribution of $2,500

It is critical that we succeed in convincing the US Supreme Court to stop President Obama from his attempt to single-handedly rewrite federal law to decree that men can be women, and women can be men, at whim, simply by declaring a gender-identity opposite to their actual gender.

Fight Back Against Obama

Obama is hell-bent on imposing his dangerous policy in his quest to fundamentally remake America. In addition to imposing it on our nation's public schools, he's required medical professionals and health insurance plans to provide gender transition services and procedures, and the other day he extended his order to housing, including emergency shelters! Under President Obama's insane gender ideology, a battered woman who has suffered terrible abuse at the hands of a man will now have to share her shelter with men. This is how far President Obama is willing to go to appease the LGBT extremists who are his strongest backers.

Please act today with an emergency financial contribution of whatever you can afford to help us stop President Obama from redefining gender just as he succeeded in redefining marriage. A contribution of $25, $50, $100 or $250 or more will make a big difference in helping us complete and file our legal brief. Some supporters blessed with resources might be able to make a gift of $500, $1,000, $2,500 or even $5,000. Other families sacrifice to give $10 or $15 to help. Whatever amount is right for you, please act today so that we can complete this critical task.

Thank you for all you've done and for acting at this critical time.


Brian S Brown

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Help us Fight President Obama In Court

Dear Marriage Supporter,

As you know, President Obama is intent on remaking the fundamental nature of America, and now that he only has a few months left in his presidency, he's on a frenzied pace to advance his agenda. Having succeeded in redefining marriage in the law, he now wants to redefine humanity itself, changing us from being made male and female into beings whose gender is flexible and fluid, something that people have the power to adjust to suit their feelings. He's targeting children in public school with this approach.

This is an extremely dangerous ideology that has the potential of unleashing untold physical and psychological horror on the most vulnerable of our citizens, especially for confused children.

Some of our best medical and psychological experts strongly warn against pursuing the gender ideology being advanced by President Obama and his LGBT extremist allies. The American College of Pediatricians said several weeks ago that gender ideology harms children. They say that conditioning children into believing that a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is child abuse.

As he did with marriage, President Obama is not asking voters to support his dangerous agenda; instead, he is seeking to impose it through regulations and the courts. And that is where NOM is prepared to fight him — in court.

We are preparing legal briefs right now in several cases but we need your help to be effective. Please make a contribution of $15, $35, $50, $100 or $500 or more so that we can complete the legal briefs that are underway.

We have some of the nation's top legal experts in the country working on our briefs, and they believe we have an excellent chance of prevailing. You see, President Obama is simply making up a rationale to justify his extreme position on gender. Without any legal authority, Obama says that when Congress wrote anti-sex discrimination laws decades ago, they surely meant to include “gender identity” in the definition of sex. Of course, that is preposterous.

Even though we have a strong legal case, we can't take anything for granted. We need to make sure the strongest legal case possible is presented, and we need your financial assistance to complete the task.

I'm asking you to make a financial contribution of whatever you can afford so that our lawyers have the resources they need to be successful. Please consider a contribution of $25, $35, $50, $100, $250 or even $500. If you've been blessed with substantial resources, please consider a gift of $1,000, $2,500 or even $5,000.

We are still furious over the US Supreme Court's redefinition of marriage, an illegitimate and anti-constitutional ruling. It may take us years to reverse that ruling, and we will fight every day toward that objective.

But we don't have to have a years-long legal fight on gender identity. We can win a decisive victory in the next few months that will hold for a lifetime, or more. And a victory on gender could have the added benefit of energizing some of our supporters who have become demoralized over the direction of the courts, thus reinvigorating the fight to restore marriage.

Please act today with a generous financial contribution so that we have the resources we need to present the best legal case possible for the truth that we were made male and female, and that political correctness does not justify inflicting what amounts to child abuse on gender-confused children.

We're counting on your gift of $25, $50, $100, $250 or $500 or more to fight President Obama's dangerous gender ideology in court, where we are convinced we can secure a great victory.


Brian S Brown

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Will you stand with Mexico?

Dear Marriage Supporter,

I wrote to you yesterday about the historic events underway in Mexico, where millions have taken to the streets to protest the government's proposals, led by President Enrique Peña Nieto, to impose same-sex 'marriage' across Mexico and also to have dangerous gender theories taught to Mexican children in all public schools.

We launched a petition to show support for the Mexican people as they continue to speak truth to power, and in just 24 hours we've had a tremendous response: nearly 4,000 of you have signed to voice your solidarity with our brothers and sisters in this important fight!

If you haven't yet signed our petition, I'd urge you to please do so right now.

We know from our friends on the ground in Mexico that the President's administration and the ruling party are feeling the pressure, and it will be a great encouragement to the leaders of the Mexican pro-family movement when I deliver these signatures personally to them on September 24th at the major event they're holding in Mexico City.

But today I want to let you know about another effort we're engaging in order to show our support and help the Frente Nacional por la Familia draw attention to President Peña Nieto's radical proposals.

On Friday, September 23rd, NOM — along with our allies, the World Congress of Families and CitizenGO — will be holding a rally in Washington, DC in front of the Mexican embassy beginning at noon. We will have speakers voice the American people's unity of purpose with the Mexican people in this effort, and we will deliver a letter to the embassy letting the Mexican government know that the cause of defending the family is a global effort.


Similar rallies are going to be taking place the same day at Mexican embassies in countries throughout the world. This is a truly historic moment, and I hope you will be a part of it!

Here is how you can become involved in this truly momentous world-wide demonstration of support the day before millions of our Mexican brothers and sisters march in their nation's capital in defense of marriage and family:

  1. If you haven't done so yet, please sign our petition of support for the Frente Nacional por la Familia and their millions of supporters across Mexico as they work to defend the family against the tangible and ideological threats of same-sex 'marriage' and gender ideology.
  2. If you are in or around Washington, DC and you are able, please come to the Mexican embassy at noon on Friday, September 23rd to show your support. The media in American and across the world have been ignoring the historic movement underway in Mexico, but the events at Mexican embassies worldwide will help draw international attention to this movement and send a signal that even the biased media cannot ignore.
  3. Invite your friends and family to sign the petition, and if you know anyone who can make it to the rally in DC, encourage them to attend.
  4. Follow the hashtag #DefendemosLaFamilia on Facebook and Twitter, and "like," "share," and "retweet" pictures and stories about the embassy rallies on September 23rd and the National March for the Family in Mexico City on September 24th.

Marriage Supporter, we really are witnessing a historic groundswell in support of marriage and family, not only in Mexico but across the globe, and I truly hope that you will become a part of this tremendous moment by helping in whatever way you can.

¡Viva la Familia!


Brian S Brown

Act Today!

Please Sign Our Petition To Stand With Mexico To Support Marriage, Children and Parental Rights

Dear Marriage Supporter,

As we told you last week, our friends at Frente Nacional por la Familia (National Front for the Family) are leading a nationwide protest of citizens in Mexico to oppose the attempt of the ruling government party led by President Enrique Peña Nieto, to impose widespread legal recognition of same-sex unions throughout the country, and well as "gender identity" ideology that damages children who are taught in public school that they can choose their gender. President Peña Nieto's "reforms" also undermine the right of parents to decide on the education of their children according to their own convictions and principles.

The Mexican people have responded in force to protest this action by the government. Nearly 1.2 million people participated in marches this past weekend in 122 cities and towns in Mexico. That is amazing! Check out these photos:

But the protests are far from over. In fact, I am travelling to Mexico City on September 24th to participate in a National March for the Family that is being organized by National Front for the Family. The National Organization for Marriage strongly supports this protest.

In connection with this, NOM is launching a petition drive to give you and all our supporters here in the US the opportunity to add your own voice to Mexico's National March for the Family. Even though most people can't be there in person, you can lend your name and moral support to the effort to uphold marriage, protect children from "gender ideology" and support the right of parents to direct their children's education according to their own values and principles.

Please sign our petition to support the National March for the Family in Mexico

I will personally deliver this petition to the leaders of National Front for the Family, including my friend, Rodrigo Ivan Cortes, when I meet with them in Mexico City.

The National March for the Family has the potential of being the largest single demonstration of support for marriage, children and parental rights in history. Beyond its significance in the domestic affairs of Mexico, this march also can help renew activism in support of marriage here in America, and help show how opposed people are to "gender identity" ideology being pushed by LGBT extremists and their allies among the elite, including President Obama.

Please sign our petition showing your support of the National March for the Family in Mexico.

Remember, I will personally deliver the petition when I meet with National March leaders in Mexico City on September 24th. I'd like to bring with me a list of tens of thousands — if not hundreds of thousands — of people who wish to show their support of the protest in Mexico. I would be honored to see your name alongside mine, and those of countless others.

Thank you for your support of marriage and NOM. Please join me in signing the petition to stand with the people of Mexico during this critical time.


Brian S Brown

PS — Our petition in support of the National March for the Family in Mexico has the potential of adding hundreds of thousands of supporters to the more than 1 million Mexicans who are marching for the truth of marriage, gender and parental rights. Please sign our petition today.

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¡Viva La Familia!

Dear Marriage Supporter,

I've got some big news that should encourage and inspire you, and which you probably won't hear about in the mainstream media. This Saturday, throughout Mexico, about 100 simultaneous marches will be taking place demanding that the government protect the truth of marriage and gender, and the rights of parents to educate their children. The marches are expected to bring upward of 1 million Mexicans into the streets to stand up for marriage and family!

The marches are being planned and coordinated by the Frente Nacional por la Familia (FNF) one of whose leaders is my friend Rodrigo Ivan Cortez. Rodrigo is pictured below during a recent meeting he had with Pope Francis to inform him about the upcoming rallies.

The FNF has already had a tremendous impact in Mexico. When Mexico's president, Enrico Peña Nieto, attempted earlier this year to impose widespread legal recognition of same-sex unions throughout the country, and well as dangerous ‘gender ideology,' the FNF organized protest rallies across the nation and called for voters to reject the ruling PRI party. PRI subsequently suffered historic losses in local elections.

The marches this weekend are intended to build strong public support for several reforms being advocated by the organizers:

  1. Explicit recognition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman;

  2. Affirmation of the right of children to have a mother and a father;

  3. Rejection of "gender identity" proposals as well as the redefinition of marriage and all other anti-family policy suggestions made by President Peña Nieto.

But this weekend's marches won't be the end of the effort: far from it. A huge national march is scheduled to take place in Mexico City on September 24th, and I'm planning to be there to march alongside our friends in Mexico and show solidarity with their efforts.

We'll have a full report on the success of the marches next week, but you can watch yourself for news on social media under the hashtag #DefendemosLaFamilia.

Please keep the organizers of these historic marches on Saturday in your thoughts and prayers. If you have friends or family living in Mexico, please make sure they are aware of the marches and urge them to participate.


Brian S Brown

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We exceeded all objectives!

Marriage Supporter — It took a few days to pull all the numbers, but the final accounting on our Summer Membership Drive is complete, and here's the great news:

We raised $57,874.88 during our drive, exceeding our goal of $52,500! Thank you so much!!

And here is some more great news: We had 1,231 people make donations during the Summer Membership Drive, contributing an average of $47 each. This also exceeded our goal of an average of $35!

This fantastic news should really encourage and inspire all of us. Not only has NOM received some much-needed funding during the slowest time of the year for donations, but we showed that the idea that people have given up on marriage is completely false. Our supporters are engaged, active and committed!

Now that Labor Day has passed, the pace of activities will ramp up significantly, and you'll be hearing from us frequently on a number of important matters. But before we transition to all these other priorities, I wanted to make sure that you got the great news that we exceeded our fundraising objectives for the Summer Membership Drive and express my deep thanks to everyone. This was only possible because of the faithful generosity of our donors, and the prayers of our supporters.

Thank you for this great result!


Brian S Brown

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One more day

Dear Marriage Supporter,

One day. Just one day to go to meet our membership goals. I don't want to wake up tomorrow and see that we have failed. There's too much at stake.

NOM has always been at the vanguard of fighting for the truth that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. We don't care about the odds, we know that it's our God-given duty to stand and fight for this truth in and out of season.  And even when some folks have given up, we've just charged forward more determined.

From defeating Republican candidates who betray marriage to passing laws that stop the next step in the same-marriage agenda—so-called gender identity and "bathroom" bills—we've been your voice.

We can't fail now.

Will you make your membership contribution today?  Let's do this together.

I'm in for $15

I'm in for $35

I'm in for $50

I'm in for $500

I'm in for $1000

I'm in for more.

God bless,

Brian S Brown

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We need your help to make it

Marriage Supporter — We have less than two days left in our Summer Membership Drive, and we're now in the most difficult stretch. Many of our most generous supporters have already contributed. Many others are worried about their first of the month bills, and lots of families have children returning to school. All of this makes finishing our Summer Membership Drive strong a difficult task.

I'm asking you to make a special sacrifice by making a contribution of at least $35 today to support the Summer Membership Drive. Your contribution will help ensure that our critical programs will continue — things like fighting for legal protections for supporters of marriage, highlighting the intolerance of LGBT extremists who insist that every person in the country go along with their agenda, and fighting against President Obama's attempt to redefine gender now that marriage has been redefined in the law.

I hope you will be one of the 160 supporters we need to step up today to help us eliminate our budget deficit with a contribution of at least $35. We're headed into the most important period of the year, and it's critical that we know we will have the resources we need to be successful.

I know it is a real sacrifice for many to give, but I hope you will be able to make that sacrifice. A great deal is riding on the success of this Summer Membership Drive, and with less than two days left, we have to make an all-out push because we are short of our goal. Please help with a contribution of at least $35 right away.


Brian S Brown

PS — It only takes a couple of minutes to make a secure online donation. Please act today.

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Less Than 72 Hours Left, and I am Really Concerned

Marriage Supporter, as you know, the success of NOM's Summer Membership Drive is absolutely critical in the fight for marriage and religious liberty, and the effort to stop Barack Obama's outrageous, illegal attempt to impose his dangerous gender identity ideology on the nation. But I have to tell you, with less than 72 hours left in the membership drive I am really worried we're going to fall short of our goal.

We need to raise $52,500 to avoid devastating cuts to our programs, and we've only raised $44,124 thus far. That means we have less than three days to raise $8,376 — and I am very concerned.

Show Your Support Today

I am praying that 240 generous supporters will step up with a contribution of at least $35 to make sure that we don't have to exact debilitating cuts to our budget. That means we need 80 new members to give at least $35 today.

When I get up early on Thursday morning, there will be a report waiting for me to let me know if we raised the $2,792 we needed to raise today to get back on track. I hope and pray that we will have been successful. It would be awesome to see your name on that report as one of the 80 new member supporters we need to step up today.

The news all across America is full of examples of individuals, churches, small businesses and others who have been sued, fined and otherwise targeted by government for persecution simply because they do not want to personally be involved in something that violates their beliefs. Every major religion on the planet rejects the concept of same-sex 'marriage,' and yet people of faith here in our country are losing their jobs, watching their reputations be ruined and even being put in jail for refusing to go along with the lie of same-sex 'marriage' that the US Supreme Court unleashed on the nation with their illegitimate and anti-constitutional ruling a year ago.

It's imperative that Americans of good will who refuse to abandon the truth of marriage — one man, one woman — step up at this critical time to continue the fight for the truth. Please, be one of the 80 generous supporters we need today to contribute at least $35 to help NOM keep up the fight with everything we can muster.

Thank you for everything you've done thus far. I will be enormously grateful if you can take this important action today and make a contribution of at least $35 to help us complete our Summer Membership Drive successfully.


Brian S Brown

PS — It only takes a couple of minutes to make a donation to support our Summer Membership Drive. Please act today.

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We’ve got to really scramble

Marriage Supporter — We're now in our final push for NOM's 2016 Summer Membership Drive and we really need to scramble to hit our goal or we'll have no choice but to make significant cuts in the fight for marriage and religious liberty as well as opposing the Obama administration's dangerous gender agenda.

Right now we are $15,050 short of our goal and we only have until COB on Friday to raise those funds.

If 430 people step up this week with a contribution of at least $35, we'll hit our goal and significantly advance our strategy. We'll be able to push hard for the First Amendment Defense Act, work with allies in the states to advance legal protections for supporters of marriage, hold large corporations like Target accountable and file legal briefs in the courts to stop Barack Obama from imposing the agenda of LGBT extremists that puts the privacy and safety of girls and women at risk by allowing males into intimate areas reserved for females.

That means we need 86 people in the next 24 hours to make a gift of at least $35. Will you be one of those 86 people to help us today? We really need it.

Donate to Our Summer Membership Drive Today!

Please take a couple of minutes to make a contribution of at least $35 right now while you're thinking about it. We need to stay on track with our critical Summer Membership Drive to make sure we have the resources to continue our critical work.

We can get this done if all of us do our own share. Please act today!


Brian S Brown

PS — I am asking you to be one of the 86 people we're counting on stepping up in the next 24 hours with a gift of at least $35. I know you are a strong supporter of our work and won't want to see us falter. Thank you.

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We're Behind

Dear Marriage Supporter,

I'm grateful to all the people who have responded to our urgent request to make a contribution of at least $35 in response to our Summer Membership Drive. Unfortunately, we've fallen behind our goal and with just nine days to go, I am very concerned we're not going to make it.

Here are the facts:

  • We need to raise $52,500 in our Summer Membership Drive or we're going to face drastic cuts to our budget that will significantly damage the fight for marriage, religious liberty and the battle against the Obama administration's gender ideology.
  • We've raised $33,620, meaning that we are $18,880 short of what we need.
  • This means we need 540 supporters to give at least $35 to avoid these pending budget cuts.

Donate to Our Summer Membership Drive Today!

Will you be one of the 540 people to help us while there is still time? Please act immediately so we can depend on your support of our critical programs.

Your gift of $35 or more is urgently needed. If you will help us hit our overall goal of $52,500, we won't have to cut back things like:

  • The push for the passage of the First Amendment Defense Act.
  • The filing of legal briefs in critical cases to stop President Obama's attempt to impose his dangerous transgender policy on the nation's public school children.
  • Our work to hold big corporations like Target accountable for helping impose the agenda of LGBT extremists.
  • Our work in key states to hold politicians accountable for their actions when they abandon marriage, religious liberty and pro-family values.

Please, I'm asking you to be one of the 540 people we need in the next few days to act with a contribution of $35 or more. It's so important.

Make an Immediate Impact!

I know I can count on you, and look forward to seeing that you've stepped up to help at this critical time.


Brian S Brown

PS — Making a donation of $35 in support of our Summer Membership Drive is easy. Just click this link, select the amount of your donation and scroll down to complete the required information. The whole process will take less than two minutes, and will make a huge difference for us. Thank you!

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Help us send Target a message

Dear Marriage Supporter,

As you know, Target stores have felt the pressure brought by NOM and other organizations through boycotts in protest of the ridiculous and dangerous bathroom and changing room policies Target has instituted. These policies allow a biological man to gain access to these intimate facilities normally reserved for women and girls simply because he claims to identify as woman.

The media has tried to soften the impact of these boycotts, but they can't bury the matter altogether—just like they couldn't bury the news earlier in the year of a man arrested at a Target store taking pictures of a woman changing after having gained access to the stall next to her in the changing room by exploiting Target's absurd policy!

Target has now announced they want to "accommodate" people like that poor woman who was victimized by allowing them the option to use a single-occupancy bathroom. You read that right: it's now seen as an "accommodation" to provide people privacy from the opposite sex when using the restroom or undressing.

That's why we're urging our supporters to continue to Say No To Target. If you haven't committed through this petition to boycott the stores, I ask you to please do so immediately, and then share this email with your family and friends encouraging them to do likewise.

Say NO to Target

In just a few days since the recent news about Target's newest policy shift, over 5,000 more signers have joined up at a rate of about 1,000 a day. This is tremendous, but we really want to spread the word and grow these numbers even more! We currently have over 13,000 total committed to the boycott through our petition: how many more can you help us gain?

It is crucial that we grow these numbers now, because Target will know that these signers have come on board after their insulting "accommodations" were announced. Sure, they're spending millions of dollars to put in new restrooms, but in the statements made publicly about the matter Target executives and spokespersons have made clear that their old policy about the changing rooms still stands. Not only that, they've referred to women who "may be uncomfortable" changing or going to the bathroom in the presence of a man as though these women are strange and unreasonable: when it is really Target's policy that is unreasonable, and what's more — it's dangerous!

Please sign our petition today, and then use the buttons below to share this message with your family and friends. Together we'll make sure Target knows that as long as their wrongheaded and dangerous policy still stands, they won't find us using their restrooms or their checkout aisles!


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Breaking: Huge Victory As Federal Judge Halts Obama's Dangerous Transgender School Bathroom Mandate

Marriage Supporter — We've won a huge legal victory today as a federal judge has issued a nationwide injunction prohibiting President Obama's illegal decree attempting to force all public schools to open their bathrooms, showers and locker rooms based on a student's perceived "gender identity" rather than actual sex.

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This is the second time in the past three weeks where federal courts have blocked Obama's transgender school policies from being enforced. Earlier this month the US Supreme Court issued an order that had the effect of blocking the policies in Virginia, but today's order by Judge Reed O'Connor in Texas covers the entire country. It comes as parents are sending their children back to school following the summer break, and it's a big relief for parents and students alike.

Texas and nearly two dozen other states have sued the Obama administration in lawsuits pointing out that President Obama does not have the legal authority to impose his dangerous transgender rules in the public schools, and threaten them with loss of federal funding if they refuse to comply. Obama took the unprecedented action by issuing "administrative guidance" in a letter to public schools. Today's ruling by Justice O'Connor in one of the lawsuits finds that Obama did not follow proper procedures for notice and comments when issuing the guidelines, and that their effect is to enact laws that contravene existing legislative and regulatory texts. The Obama administration is expected to appeal.

NOM has played a critical role in helping mobilize Americans to oppose the dangerous transgender policies that President Obama is attempting to impose on our nation's schools. A video we helped produce about these issues has generated more than one million views on Facebook.

Obama's Bathroom Mandate

Obama's Policy has a few surprises tucked inside.

Posted by Stand with Children: Understanding the Heart of Marriage on Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Please help us increase views of this video to two million views by watching it yourself and then forwarding it to everyone you know. It helps make clear what is at stake for parents and children.

After you've watched the video, please also sign our petition to oppose the Obama administration's dangerous, illegal transgender policies.

Our fight on this issue is by no means over. We'll be filing legal briefs in this and other cases fighting to prevent President Obama from turning the most intimate areas of public schools — bathrooms, showers and locker rooms — into a forum to advance the political agenda of LGBT extremists.

We hope that this great victory encourages you to keep up your support of NOM. On top of the recent win in the US Supreme Court and election victories this month in Missouri, we're demonstrating that American people continue to be with us in the fight for marriage, religious liberty and the truth of human sexuality.


Brian S Brown

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